Membership is open to those who have suffered with heart problems. We offer services to those who have completed Phase III Cardiac Rehab courses at NHS or private hospitals or those that have been referred by their GP.

Subscriptions are currently £3.00 pa and members attending fitness sessions pay £4.00 per visit. There is a 100 Club option which costs an additional £12.00 pa.

How is it run?

The Group is run voluntarily by individuals who have first hand experience of heart conditions and are therefore uniquely qualified to understand the needs of others with heart-related problems.

We are not a fundraising organisation. The group is self-funded and affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, the nation’s foremost heart charity.

For information on how to participate contact Chris Hall


Vice Chairman
Adrian Smith
Pulseworks Co-ordinator
Chris Hall 01423 873126
Treasurer Mike Brannen
Secretary Dorothy Barnes
Membership Secretary Ann Mettam
Almoner Dorothy Barnes
100 club Adrian Wilson
Members Malcolm Coulson
Ken Purser


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