Welcome to the Harrogate Heart Support Group


Who we are

The Group was established in January 1992 and is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation.

Our aim is to meet the needs of those with a cardiac condition who are living in the community of Harrogate and District.

The purpose of the group is to offer support to those who may have recently suffered a heart attack, undergone cardiac surgery, stent insertion or have any other heart-related problem, such as angina.

We are keen to ensure that support is also extended to the patient’s family as anxiety about the future is not only the concern of the patient.

What we offer

Pulseworks – Exercise sessions

Mobility, exercise and fitness sessions are held each week – supervised by qualified, cardiac-trained fitness instructors. There are six of these each week and involve supervised warm up and exercise routines, circuit activity and floor exercises all designed to improve your cardiac health.

Monthly Meetings – Harrogate District Hospital Classroom 3rd floor Strayside Wing.

These meetings provide an opportunity to get the latest information concerning heart disease and its treatment, and from time to time we cover subjects of a more general nature.

Supporting the British Heart Foundation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is one of the most effective treatments available to heart patients.

It gives heart patients a 26% greater chance of surviving in the first five years following diagnosis.

It can reduce hospital admissions, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety and depression,therefore improving the patient’s quality of life.

It can teach patients how to manage their condition, thus reducing dependence upon GP visits and other NHS services.

Patients who regularly exercise in our Phase 4 cardiac classes are generally happier in their outlook and make fewer visits to their GP.

Exercise sessions take place in and around Harrogate

Jennyfield Styan Centre,Grantley Drive,Harrogate,HG3 2XU

Monday: 1:30pm & 4:30pm

Thursday: 12:30pm

Harrogate District Hospital Gym,Lancaster Park Rd, HG2 7SX

Wednesday: 6:00pm

Thursday: 6:45pm

Harrogate Squash and Fitness Centre, Hookstone Wood Rd, HG2 8PN

Friday: 1:00pm

Calcutt and Forest Moor Village Hall, Bland’s Hill, Knaresborough, HG5 8JA

Monday: 6.15pm  (new class from Monday May 13th 2019)

Sessions last about one hour

Monthly meetings for 2019




AT 7.30pm

Wednesday Jan 30th 2019Heart Research UKBarbara Harpham. C.E.O.
Wednesday Feb 27th 2019Exercise PhysiologyDr. Carrie Ferguson
Wednesday March 27th 2019Developments in Interventional CardiologyDr. Mark Appleby
Wednesday May 29th 2019A.G.M. plus Pulseworks ProgrammesSteve Bradbury
Wednesday Oct 2nd 2019Current national and local initiatives by the BHF.Val Hogg, BHF Manager for North Yorks and Co. Durham.
Wednesday Oct 23rd 2019Latest developments in Cardiac ResearchDr Klaus Witte, Associate Professor at Leeds University and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
Wednesday Nov 27th 2019The local Heart Failure
Specialist Nurse Service
Liz Corbett


Support is offered by the HHSG in a number of ways:

We encourage long term lifestyle changes, which promote good health and general wellbeing.

Through our Pulseworks fitness training sessions, we offer long term physical fitness maintenance, following hospital cardiac rehabilitation or referral from your GP.

We give you the opportunity to talk and share experiences with others in similar circumstances.

We maintain strong links with the Harrogate District Hospital cardiac nurses.

In conjunction with the hospital, each year we offer life-saving resuscitation training for patients and carers.

We provide opportunities for people to meet socially on regular basis.



Membership is open to those who have suffered with heart problems. We offer services to those who have completed Phase III Cardiac Rehab courses at NHS or private hospitals or those that have been referred by their GP.

Subscriptions are currently £3.00 pa and members attending fitness sessions pay £4.00 per visit. There is a 100 Club option which costs an additional £12.00 pa.

How is it run?

The Group is run voluntarily by individuals who have first hand experience of heart conditions and are therefore uniquely qualified to understand the needs of others with heart-related problems.

We are not a fundraising organisation. The group is self-funded and affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, the nation’s foremost heart charity.

For information on how to participate contact Chris Hall


Roger Slater
Pulseworks Co-ordinator
Chris Hall 01423 873126
Treasurer Mike Brannen
Secretary Philip Woffinden
Membership Secretary Ann Mettam
Almoner Dorothy Barnes
100 club Adrian Wilson
Member  Malcolm Coulson

The 100 Club

We have a monthly draw called the 100 Club.

Here are the recent winners:-

JAN 2019

140 Tim Burrell

2  David Hawley

53 Margaret Armitage


60 Robin Richardson

110 Margaret Rodger

133 Audrey Hall


64 John Chilton

73 Christine Bailey

66 Elizabeth Compton


108 Anne Bailey

130 John Abel

69 David Moon


73 Christine Bailey

19 Anne-Marie Murray

6 Andy Eastwood


109 Derek Kempster

75 Ruth Johnson

68 Don Swift


107 Michael Bevington

115 Jackie Hookey

96 Anita Royston


82 John Robertson

143 Ib Olsen

46 David Bickerton


51 Dianne Ward

99 John Hopkinson

44 John Wragg



Contact us

Complete the fields of this contact form to get in touch or contact Chris Hall on

01423 873126


Supporting the British Heart Foundation


HHSG Annual Dinner 2019

The Annual Dinner this year took place at Pannal Golf Club on Friday April 26th 2019 . 59 members and guests attended and enjoyed the food and facilities. The Quiz proved a good challenge with a tie-breaker necessary to establish the winners. A good night and worth watching out for,  next April!


You will be able to read updates and news items here in our blog, which will appear chronologically most recent first.  To filter articles choose a category heading on the right

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